1. Click on 'Search -> New' from the bar located on the top of the screen to query a new search.

2. The first field is 'Location'. Type the first few characters of the location that you want to search, and select the desired location from the list. 

If the location field is left blank, the result display job listings from all the locations.

3. Enter the Job Title for which you want to search. You can type more than one job title.

4. Select the Post Date period to get the job listings posted in the desired date range.

5. Next, include keywords for the job search. It searches for the specified keyword across all the text fields of the job listing.

6. Choose the type of job by checking the checkbox. You can choose more than one option or check the All if the job you want to search for all the job types.

7. Enter the company name if you are looking for jobs from a specific company or leave it blank. You can enter more than one company if required.

8. If you want to view the salary data and contact data then check the box for 'Salary data available' and 'Contact data available'. 

9. You can also enter keywords in the Exclude Keywords fields to exclude certain types of jobs from the job search.

10. You can also enter company names that you'd like to exclude from your list by entering values in the "Exclude company names" field. This comes in handy when trying to exclude certain agencies or companies that you're not interested in. This would match any subset of the company name as opposed to an exact match.

11. Click on the search button to see a list of sample job listings.