JobsPikr allows you to set up search queries using keywords or filters and download the job records in CSV, LD-JSON, and XML format. Follow the steps given below:

Step 1. On the Search section (, select the highlighted button after putting keywords along with search filters and preparing the search query as in the below image:

Step 2. After this, scroll down to the Sample Data section and click on the “Download Data” button as highlighted in the image below:

Step 3. You will get an input box popup to enter the number of records you want to download and the data format for the final job listing output. 

Note: You can only select the number of records as per your subscription plan.

Step 4. To download the data, navigate to the “View Downloads” in the navigation panel. It takes a few minutes to hours to process and avail the records in the set data format.

After the data is processed the available records will look like in the following image. You can click on the download option to get the records.

Note: Based on the number of records downloaded our system prepare multiple files for download. Please enable 'Popup' from browser setting to allow downloading all the files.