You can directly export data to Amazon S3, Azure Blob or Google Cloud Storage from the JobsPikr dashboard. Through this functionality users could also schedule the data uplaod on daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

Following are the steps to schedule export:

Step 1. In the search section (, prepare your search query with filters and relevant keywords. Follow these solutions to prepare and save your search queries:

  1. How to search jobs on JobsPikr?
  2. How to save a search query?

Step 2. After saving query, navigate to Export Data under Data Download as highlighted in the image below:

Step 3. On the Export Data section, click on Add New Export as shown in the below image:

After proceeding, the following section will appear:

Step 4. Choose the saved query from Step 1, then set the data upload frequency and data delivery method as per your requirement. Now enter the required credentials and set the maximum number of jobs data to be uploaded along with that data format. Click on the Save button to schedule the export.

Step 5. After saving and scheduling the export, it will be added to the export data menu as shown in the image:

The schedule data export highlighted in the above image has option to update the following details:

  • upload frequency
  • maximum number of jobs that will be uploaded
  • data file format

These modification could be performed at any point of time. Apart from these the scheduled export could be deleted to stop further data upload.

For more details contact our team at If you face any technical issue while scheduling exports then you can create a support ticket from here: